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Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano's remix of 'The Age Of Love' receives Gold Record – We Rave You

One of techno’s hottest couples Charlotte and Enrico were around Tomorrowland‘s hallowed grounds yesterday as they were both part of the festival’s first-day line-up to perform on the Atmosphere stage, yesterday curated by Charlotte’s label KNTXT. Amidst the social media shares about their arrival at the festival, the couple shared the incredible news that their remix of ‘The Age Of Love‘ had received the Gold Certificate.
About a year ago, in August 2021, Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano released their long-awaited remix of ‘The Age Of Love’, the 1990 trance classic by Age Of Love. This modern version made by these two strong contemporary techno players was used heavily in their sets, creating an immeasurable desire from the fans that did not cease after its release. In December last year, this remix by Charlotte and Enrico was crowned the best-selling techno track of 2021 by Beatport. It was an incredible milestone reached just a few months after the song’s official release. The brilliance and power of this track have been kept alight not only by its authors but by many acclaimed artists who continue to include this techno perfection in their performances. Now, culminating all the success that has been chasing this remix since it was first shared, it is awarded the prestigious Gold Certificate, meaning it has reached 500,000 sold units. The news was shared by the couple on their Instagram stories, where they were proud of the remarkable achievement.
In the 90s, the original was one of the first big trance hits, which quickly made its way through other musical genres. Today, thanks to the fantastic work of Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano who dressed it up with exciting new energy, this track is a techno hit. Just in time for the first anniversary of this rendition of ‘The Age Of Love’, Charlotte and Enrico have received the Gold Record as an early present. Congratulations!
Couple goals. Een gouden plaat voor @CharlottedWitte en haar partner in crime – lees: verloofde – @esangiuliano voor hun remix van de techno classic ‘The Age Of Love’. #tomorrowland #DeFestivalzender
— StuBru (@stubru) July 15, 2022

Image Credit: NIMAX Photography


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