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How to Install Windows on Steam Deck? – Technowize

What every gamer on this planet always had in their mind was if they would ever get the chance to explore the real experience of PC games on a simple console. The ideal gaming system, Steam Deck, created by Valve Corporation, is the answer the gaming community was looking for.
There’s a growing concern worldwide regarding the [not so] ‘complicated’ process of installing Windows on the exciting game station, which is undoubtedly one of its kind.
No. Contrary to common belief, enjoying Windows on your brand-new Steam Deck gaming system doesn’t require much effort. The time it takes to install Windows completely will be under 15 minutes.
What are the necessary requirements to install Windows on Steam Deck?
You will need the following support to progress with the Windows installation setup on your Valve Steam Deck gaming device –
You might encounter certain glitches while installing Windows on your Steam Deck, as Windows will not be as it is. If you decide to install the OS (or perform a boot from it through a microSD card, which will ensure the StreamOS installation remains unaffected), it will help you turn the Steam Deck as a replacement of your laptop.
Windows can be installed on Steam Deck, here’s how you could do it.
Please note that Windows 11 requires a TPM because your Steam Deck isn’t officially compatible with it. To add to your woes, Steam Deck is not enabled with TPM. Though you can manage to have Windows 11 on your Steam Deck barring the regular updates.
For this, you will need some additional tools like Rufus, Windows drivers for Steam Deck (from Valve itself). It’s a bit more complicated than the previous one.
We will be offering further exclusive updates on this. Feel free to reach out to us if you face any issues while installing Windows on your Steam Deck.
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