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These Movies Had the Most Specifically '90s Outfits – MovieWeb

Film and fashion go hand in hand, and the 90s were a decade of undoubtedly specific fashion. These movies represent 90s outfits in the best way.
Film and fashion go hand in hand and the 90s were a decade of very specific fashion. Visual arts are always working together to accomplish a similar goal. In film, when we implement fashion, the two visual arts are working together to create a world in which the story would take place. Fashion inspires film and film inspires fashion; the two work together hand in hand.
Specifically, 90s outfits and fashion acts as a bit of a time capsule for the films released in that decade. 90s outfits are very specific, and while it inspires fashion today, nothing is like the style of that day and age. Almost every film with 90s outfits and fashion was like a piece of a time capsule, the same way that 80s outfits were seen in movies. However, with their very 90s outfits and style, the films below did the decade's fashion best.
For a movie about basketball, White Men Can't Jump has some pretty 90s outfits. Focused on the street-ball culture of southern California, the film is a great example of 90s fashion in the streets. The Nike sneakers and Stussy t-shirts may still be fashionable, but were the epitome of 90s street fashion. The film had a massive cultural impact at the time but has not been able to continue that for some reason. However, it may be time to bring this film back, as the fashion in it has already made its way back around, and a remake is in the works. The cultural impact of 90s fashion is massive in media, and White Men Can't Jump is a perfect example of this impact. The 90s are back baby, so put on your Jordans, anything Adidas, and turn on White Men Can't Jump.
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Starring the ever-iconic Meryl Streep, Death Becomes Her has great fashion for mourning but also a bevy of ebullient 90s outfits and influence. The film itself is quite campy and a great example of a dark comedy; somehow the clothing mirrors this. The clothing in the film is highly influenced by camp and the decade of the 90s. The idea of mourning fashion has been around as long as death itself has, but Death Becomes Her reminded people just how gorgeous those clothes could be.
As the main characters of the film, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn wear some of the most gorgeous 90s outfits. Their clothing not only mirrors each other and shows characterization, but are objectively very good examples of the decade. Their slip dresses and elaborate gowns are very accurate for the time but are still very gorgeous and wearable today. Inspiring an exhibit at the Met, the fashion of Death Becomes Her is present long after death.
Filmed at Paris Fashion Week, Prêt-à-Porter has all the great style of 90s outfits. As a satirical comedy revolving around celebrities and models at fashion week, this film has it all. Since it was filmed at fashion week, and the 90s outfits adorn some of the greatest actors and celebrities of all time (Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts, Marcello Mastroianni, Tim Tobbins, Forest Whitaker, Bjork, and countless others) as a viewer you can expect to see the crème de la crème of 90s outfits, fashion, and style. The fashion industry itself is pretty ridiculous, so adding comedy to beautiful clothes makes the perfect fashion film. The movie itself does not focus on the clothes and the making of them but rather the people who wear them, but it's hard to not see how gorgeous the style is.
Most films create fictional fashion shows when they need it as a plot device, but director Robert Altman made a point of filming at a real fashion week to get the elements of an actual fashion show. This added to the realism of the film, making its 90s outfits more authentic. Since it was actually filmed at a 1994 fashion week, the elements of the 90s in the film are hard to miss. Considering the film inspired an upcoming show, many hope the threads of 90s outfits will prevail into today's fashion.
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As one of the most iconic films of the 90s, it is not a shock that Basic Instinct has iconic 90s outfits as well. Namely, Sharon Stone's memorable white dress pictured above. The style of the dress is specifically 90s, but Stone has recently admitted she still has the dress, maybe hoping it will come back in style. While the film as a whole may be a bit controversial, the fashion of the film is perfectly emblematic of the decade, with its 90s outfits and style. Stone's character wears white throughout the film for a very specific reason.
Despite the lack of color in her outfits, there is no lack of 90s fashion. She is portrayed as an icy blonde, practically with ice in her veins as well. Stone's wardrobe emulates this in a particularly 90s way. Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick made sure to bring this particular aesthetic while keeping the style to the time period. The iconic white dress in Basic Instinct has stood the test of time, becoming one of the go-to single 90s outfits when people think of the decade. As such, Sharon Stone has essentially become a symbol of 90s fashion and a mascot for great 90s outfits, with her work in Total Recall, Casino, Diabolique, and Where Sleeping Dogs Lie all emblematic of the fashionable decade.
Not only is 1995's Clueless the epitome of the decade's fashion, but many of the 90s outfits have come into style today. Fashion is one of the main components of the film, which is very easy to see for viewers. With costume design by Mona May (Never Been Kissed, The Wedding Singer, Enchanted) the film stands out as the pinnacle of 90s fashion and style. Plaid, bright colors, mini skirts, and blazers; Clueless has it all. Considering it was released in 1995, the fact that Cher (Alicia Silverstone) even has a wardrobe computer is bonkers and satirical (people don't even have those in 2022).
The clothes in Clueless make the film as iconic as it still is because they act as a main character. When the clothes play such a present and important role in the film, they are hard to forget. It's impossible to go a year without seeing at least one person wearing Cher's first-day-of-school yellow plaid skirt and blazer; it's one of the 90s outfits that's so iconic, versions of it are seen all over the internet and other forms of media. Somehow ahead of its time but still such a fashionable part of the decade, the 90s outfits and fashion in Clueless will never be out of style.
Madeline is a film student and film fanatic. She has grown up watching and loving movies. She is thrilled to be writing about the thing she loves most.


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