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Top 10 reasons for becoming a TDK Technologies consultant – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

TDK Technologies (TDK) was established in 2001 to provide information technology consulting and custom software services to businesses in the greater St. Louis area. The company provides services through individual staff assignments, capacity teams, and deliverable-based solutions. These services are provided by TDK consultants who have expertise in software development, mobile development, web development, project management, business analysis, quality assurance, software architecture, system administration and beyond.
What sets TDK apart from many technology consulting companies is that it is owned and managed by IT professionals who bring a people-first approach to everything they do.
“People are integral to TDK’s mission and vision,” says Kristin Tucker, co-founder and managing principal. “We believe very strongly that if we take care of our team members and we take care of our clients, everything else takes care of itself.”
Here are the top 10 reasons information technology professionals should consider becoming a TDK Technologies consultant.
TDK serves as a matchmaker between technology talent and corporate clients. The company spends a lot of time with clients to understand their needs, culture, tech stacks and the teams they have in place. TDK also spends considerable time with candidates to get to know them; their interests, personalities and skill sets. The result is that TDK consultants are aligned to do the things they enjoy in compatible corporate cultures, ensuring a good fit and a great outcome.
The tech market is extremely competitive. TDK pays its employees very well and offers them flexibility in the combination of salary and benefits to allow each individual to select the total compensation package that fits their needs. New benefit options are continuously reviewed to make sure TDK is doing the absolute best to take care of its people and their families. Among the benefits already in place are work-from-home opportunities, a matched 401(k) plan, paid time off, and medical, dental, and vision insurance.
A percentage of TDK’s net profits are put into a bonus pool for all employees, which is paid out quarterly. Employees submit quarterly input forms that show how their individual contributions merit a share of the bonus pool. They also have the opportunity to let the company know what it is doing well and what it can do better.
Technology is constantly moving and changing, so making sure that employees continue to grow their skills is hugely important. Continuing education helps them individually while also benefiting TDK clients. Given the speed at which technology changes, learning new skills, new tools, and new programming languages keeps employees and TDK up to speed and up to date.
These are two of TDK’s core values. For example, the company is hosting a summer bingo challenge and celebrated National Selfie Day, with employees posting their favorite selfies. What’s more, birthdays and anniversaries are recognized and celebrated. More importantly perhaps is the fact that everything TDK does is based on integrity, respect, honesty and ethics.
Quality is TDK’s competitive advantage, achieved through hiring quality people and delivering quality services. From the very first conversation through every assignment consultants undertake, TDK’s emphasis is on delivering quality above and beyond clients’ expectations.
Transparency matters to TDK, and in a big way. When presenting candidates to clients, they’re given all the information—where the candidate aligns and the potential gaps—in order to assess fit for the opportunity. Candidates are given everything available about the client and the assignment, as well, so they know exactly what to expect. This transparency continues with everything TDK does.
As a service organization, TDK simply would not exist without its people. They are foundational to the company. As such, the constant goal is to consider who employees are, what motivates them, and what they’re trying to achieve in their careers. So important to TDK’s identity are its people that the company continually seeks to help them be all they can be!
TDK is an open-book management company, publishing its financial statements and forecasts on the company’s intranet so everybody in the organization knows the numbers. In addition, employees are taught how to read the financials, so everyone who works there understands how their contributions impact the bottom line and associated bonus pool.
Collaboration matters at TDK. When everyone is working together toward achieving the same common goal, they experience a sense of shared ownership in the results and a greater sense of belonging. At the same time, the opportunity to collaborate fosters creativity and innovation, which benefits them, the company and TDK’s clients.
In 2022, TDK Technologies has been recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal as the 11th largest IT consulting firm and the fourth largest software development firm in the St. Louis region. In 2021, the company was ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of Most Successful Companies in America for the third consecutive year. To date, it has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list five times.
To learn more about becoming a TDK Technologies consultant, visit
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