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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Talks New Fashion Business With Husband Nick and Their Plans to Act Together – Variety

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By Marc Malkin
Senior Film Awards, Events & Lifestyle Editor
Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas are getting into the fashion business together.
The couple are now partners in Perfect Moment, a UK-based luxury fashion and sportswear brand specializing in ski and surf clothing.
I recently caught up with Chopra Jonas to talk about the new venture, her work designing for the label and why she has no plans to sing with her husband anytime soon.
How did you get involved with Perfect Moment?
This is the first apparel, fashion and lifestyle company we’ve invested in. I grew up in India and I wasn’t exposed to ski culture. But I did love the mountains. My dad took us to Kashmir every summer and I filmed a lot in Switzerland, so ski culture was something that I got familiar with. However, I never tried skiing until I met my husband, who’s an avid snowboarder.

I came to the quick conclusion that I’m more an après-ski girl, rather than skiing. I gave up on the bunny slope. My husband did buy me a snowmobile so I could keep up with him.
While I was getting introduced to mountain culture, I bought a lot of clothes that were winter chic. A lot of them happened to be Perfect Moment. Last year, I was filming my new show “Citadel” in London. Nick and I met [Perfect Moment owners] Jane and Max Gottschalk and talked about our love for the brand. They talked about growing the brand and we all had an “aha” moment and decided to invest and become partners.
I imagine you get business proposals and pitches all the time. How do you decided which ones to get involved with?
For me, I really am always looking to expand my portfolio, I can’t really speak for Nick, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same. I got into investing just a few years ago and I like to diversify my portfolio. The decision really is always about being able to align with the brand and values of a brand. But it’s also a business decision: what does the trajectory of the brand’s growth look like?
Are you going to design pieces for Perfect Moment?
Doing a capsule collection or something else for the brand is something we’ve discussed.
You have been in business together, but when are we going to see you and Nick on a screen together or in a recording studio singing together?
I love working with Nick so you’ll see things happen as the years unfold. But I’ll never sing with him.
Why not? You’re also a singer.
Not like him! No chance. He’s a musical prodigy.
But you’ll act together some day?
We’re definitely developing a bunch of TV and film stuff together.
This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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