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Woman Nails Backflip in a Saree, Netizens Astounded — Watch – News18

By: Buzz Staff
Local News Desk
Last Updated: April 12, 2022, 11:10 IST
In the video, Mili is wearing a white and golden border saree and is seen dancing in the open area.
Can you imagine doing a backflip while wearing a saree? Isn’t it difficult? India’s unique talents, on the other hand, can make impossible tasks attainable. Netizens were astonished to watch a video of a woman performing incredible backflips while wearing a saree. A saree is without a doubt one of the most beautiful dresses but it does limit mobility. Even though performing these gymnastics in a saree is challenging, the woman has demonstrated that she can do it flawlessly.
Mili Sarkar of Raiganj, West Bengal, is also a gold medalist in international yoga and a skilled dancer and gymnast. Mili Sarkar is a frequent Instagram user and often uploads videos of herself executing various feats and gymnastic moves. She has about 2 lakh followers on Instagram and netizens are frequently left astounded by her extraordinary physical abilities.
In the video, Mili is wearing a white and golden border saree and is seen dancing in the open area. Mili is dancing to the song Mujhe Naulakha Manga De Re O Saiya Diwane, but the most talked-about thing is that she started the dance with an amazing backflip, timed and executed with precision. After the backflip, she performs a very impressive dance as well. While backflips are somewhat easy for people who have learnt gymnastics, performing them in a saree is no mean feat and Mili has achieved it gracefully.

A post shared by Mili Sarkar (@milisarkar72)

This video has got more than 26,000 views on social media and many have also left their feedback. Comments like ‘beautiful’, ‘you nailed it,’ ‘bold’, and ‘that was a difficult stunt’ can be seen on the video.

A post shared by Mili Sarkar (@milisarkar72)

Mili has also uploaded videos of her performing other stunts wearing a saree. In the one you see above, she can be seen performing a perfect cartwheel wearing a saree.
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