Casual Collection affortable

No matter, if sarees are designer or plain, they just do wonder. Besides, if we talk about the difference between designer sarees and casual sarees, then, there are lots of points that make them both different from each other. There is so much difference between casual saree and designer saree. Generally, people match these two with price but it is actually not like that. Sometimes, casual saree also costs more than a designer because of their expensive material. Like pure silk saree is not designer but costlier because of their silk material used in it .In designer saree we make something new to it by adding something more to casual saree, like, some more embroidery, some heavy sequin work, handwork, patches, borders, some elegant prints etc. Generally, designer pieces are exclusively made by any designer for special occasion or person, whereas casual saree you can see as duplicate.

Casual Collection affortable


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